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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will there be fireworks at Homerfest?
A. Yes, the show will begin at 9:30pm on Thursday June 21st.

Q. What will happen with the fireworks if it rains on Thursday June 21st?
A. The show will be postponed until Friday June 22nd at 9:30pm.

Q. Where is the best place at Homerfest to watch the fireworks?
A. There are very few bad locations at Homerfest to watch the fireworks but spaces are quickly taken so we suggest coming to Homerfest early to get a good spot.

Q. Are pets allowed at Homerfest or in the fireworks viewing area?
A. No Pets are allowed at Homerfest except service animals.

Q. Can I bring in my own cooler?
A. No outside coolers may be brought into Homerfest. No outside food or beverages (with the exception of factory sealed water bottles or baby formula) can be brought inside the festival grounds.

Q. Does the park close if it rains?
A. No, Homerfest will remain open if it rains but close temporarily during periods of lightning. Homerfest works with the Local emergency Management Weather team to monitor the weather approaching Homerfest. Homerfest will temporarily close during any period where lightning is present. All guests will be asked to leave the park at that time. When the lightning is safely past the park, Homerfest will reopen.

Q. I can’t find a parking place. What should I do?
A. If parking is an issue at Homerfest. Homerfest encourages our guests to park in one of our remote parking lots and take one of the free shuttles Homerfest provides.

Q. What do you suggest a family bring for a day at Homerfest?
A. Summertime in Homer Glen can be quite sunny and warm. Homerfest suggests that you bring sun tan lotion and sunglasses. Wear good shoes because Homerfest is around 10 acres in size and almost all of it is on grass. You might want to bring some money for food and beverages and the Carnival Area rides. Most of all, have fun.

Q. Who puts on Homerfest and Why?
A. Years ago Homer Township, by the request of the public, was ask to sponsor a little fest following their annual independence day parade; the public wanted to carry on the merriment at Culver Park. With the impending Village’s 10th and Township’s 175th Anniversary, an expanded committee, came together to bring our community a bigger, better fest to celebrate these milestones.

After the success of the first Homer Fest, of that scale, the public once again asked for more. So here we go again, with the Homer Community Parade & Fest; giving back to the community for the enjoyment of all.

As long as the residents of this community express a desire for this type of event, we will, with the commitment of Township/Village boards/committees and numerous volunteers, make this an annual event!